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The Oath of Evil

By joining AntiSporum (ASF) and proceeding past registration, you take the following oath:

"I, (name), swear eternal loyalty to Darkel (aka DarkLord979). I shall serve him, as well as my AntiSporum brothers and sisters valiantly. I vow to punish the Sporum and all of its horrific followers. This day, I pledge myself to the AntiSporum, and may I forever be plunged in all its sweet trollishness. I, (name), pledge myself to all the trolls who strive so hard to make a difference. I promise I shall be the greatest troll I possibly can.

I vow to never disclose the URLs or locations of any AntiSporum websites or webpages, unless I am given permission to do so by the leaders of ASF. I vow not to backstab and not to betray my brethren, or turn against them. I swear to Darkel that I shall wear the name of AntiSporum with pride and dignity, and that I may spread it and its evil across all of the Sporum and cause mass havoc. On this day, I promise I shall spread chaos. I will not relent and I will not give in. I promise to be the best I can be.

I pledge my loyalty to building a better Sporum. An AntiSporum. A place where the ridiculed, the disgraced, and the discriminated, and even the simply maniacal can live in harmony. We are a family. I vow to serve my new family with every ounce of my being. It is my troll family, my true family.

I hand myself over. I promise to follow the AntiSporum obediently and to gather other trolls and increase our numbers. I shall unite myself, for we are Trolls United. I vow my life to the AntiSporum, for all eternity. And should I reject this and be cast away, I vow that I shall even then respect the secret that is the AntiSporum.

I promise to you, Darkel, that I ensure that your ages and ages of hard labor and suffering be not in vain. That you would have not died in futility. That you would be proud of me. I vow to you, that I shall finish what you started.

I swear this on the fate of my life. So help me Darkel."