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Post by Darkel on Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:32 pm

This site was once the home base of all AntiSporum operations. All attacks were planned here. Since we no longer attack the Sporum this site is no longer used. As a friendly gesture to the Sporumers I am releasing all the secret information found here to public eyes. Now, keep in mind that this is not a complete data set. A while ago we deleted a HUGE portion of information from the site, as well as several user accounts, to keep certain snitches and whistleblowers like the pathetically annoying Spode-an from screenshotting and reporting back when things were still going on. So unfortunately for your entertainment, our juiciest secrets and blueprints can no longer be found here. All that remains are some of the earliest posts made. Nevertheless, I think it might be enough to satisfy interest. So please, enjoy.

But one more thing before I sign off. If you take a look in the member list, you may see a few familiar faces. A few people asked me to delete their accounts because they did not want outsiders to know that they were associated with this organization. But the ones that never asked still remain. Please do not ridicule or judge or do anything negative to these people. They were just doing what they thought was right in creating a more perfect Sporum. It's not their fault, so please do not accuse or harass them in any way. I have also gone through some of the remaining posts and edited out anything that mentions the users who don't want to be revealed. Also, there are some harsh insults in the "Hater Discussion" threads. Please disregard them. They are old, they were during a time of anger and flaming. I can't speak for some of the other posters, but Sharples and I do not endorse nor currently hold these opinions.

Thank you.

- 979

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